Late 19th or early 20th Century Ferlach Gunsmiths

 In late 2015 or early 2016 my good friend Dietrich sent me the following information on a CD which he was considering offering for sale to the public to raise some funds for the maintenence of his web site. This never came to pass but in his memory I make the information availible on this web page. Also the firm of Joh. Springer’s Erben in Vienna has graciosly given me permission to use text and images from their past Auctions in my collection to augment Dietrich’s material. Enjoy!

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Antonitsch, A. – Ferlach

Barth, K. – Vienna

Borovnik, Lud. of Ferlach

Brunnsteiner- Leibnitz

Contriner- Vienna

Dschulnigg, Waffen- Salzburg

Dusel, Stefen- Ferlach

Fanzoj, Johann- Ferlach

Findl, Hubert- Kalwang

Genossenschaft- Ferlach

Hambrusch, Josef- Ferlach

Hauptmann, Karl- Ferlach

Hess, Josef- Vienna

Just, Josef- Ferlach

Koschat, Jakob- Ferlach

Kruschitz, Martin- Wien


Michelitsch, Johann- Ferlach

Mulacz, Anton- Vienna

Ollendorff, Philipp of Sharnitz

Orasche, Josef- Ferlach

Outschar, Johann- Ferlach

Pegam, Mich.- Ferlach

Peterlongo, Johann- Innsbruck

Poschinger, Philipp- Ferlach

Scheiring, Herbert- Ferlach

Schmied, Franz- Ferlach

Siegert Waffen- Graz

Sodia, Franz- Ferlach

Springer, Johann- Erben

Steyr, Mannlicher-Schönauer

Veratschnig- Ferlach

Winkler, Josef- Ferlach

Unknown or Misc. Makers


The following article is from the Sept. 14, 1873 issue of Allgemeine Illustrirte Weltaustellunge-Zeitung