In the Pape & Kellner Gunmakers Archive we first find the record of Ludwig Krug at 7 Rosemarienstrasse. He was born in 1799 in ampfurth and passed away in 1882 in Halberstadt. He made and sold hunting and target weapons, pistols & revolvers specializing in Target pistols.

Ludwig’s second son was Franz who worked in his father’s business and when his father died in 1882 took over that business. At some point the business moved to 11 Hoheweg Strasse. Franz was a Master Gun Maker (Büchsenmachermiester). He was born on May 10, 1837 and died in 1928. At the same time that he worked for or with his father he was also the Regimental Gun Maker in IR 27. Before 1873 he spent several years in Zella-Mehlis. He made and sold a line of guns similar to what his father dealt in and the following Cape or Combination gun may have been made in Suhl or Zella-Mehlis for him. It is now (it may be rechambered) chambered for .40-110 express.

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