The city of Vejprty/Weipert on the border of Germany and Czechia had a long history in iron production and gun making. The Spring 2002 issue of the Double Gun Journal contained an article by Mr. Felix Neuberger which is a splendid foundation upon which to start the study of the Czech makers. If a makers name is in blue by clicking on it you can go directly to that page.  Some Bohemian/Czech makers were-

The Coat of Arms for the City of Weipert

Bartl, Joseph-Weipert

Bittner, Gustav- Weipert

Bittner, Josef- Weipert

Diemelt, Anton- Weipert

Fückert, Ferdinand- Weipert

Fückert, Gustav- Weipert

Gahlert, Alfred- Weipert

Gahlert, Paul- Weipert

Gahlert, Vinzenz (Vincent)- Weipert

Haberda, Johann- Frauenberg

A Seal for the City of Weipert

Hoffman, Josef Jr.- Weipert

Hvezda Sohn- Leitmeritz

Kreibich, Franz- Haida

Lebeda’s A. V. Söhne- Prag

Morgenstern, Wenzel & Sohn- Weipert

Nowotny, Johann- Prag

Poser, Paul- Prague

Ritter, Josef- Weipert

Roedl, H.-Prague

Schmidl, Eduard- Weipert

Schmidl, Norbert- Weipert

Sporer, Wilicslaus-Taus, Bohemia

Stiffter, Johann- Prague

Templer, Johann- Böhm-Leipa

Thiele, Rudolf- Weipert

Thiele, Xaver- Weipert

Misc. or unknown makers in Bohemia