One referance states that Ferdinand Fückert was the brother of Gustav Fükert of Weipert. His gun making started in the late 19th Century and continued into the 1930’s. He had four patents, DRP no. 134002 for a break action lock up, DRP no. 164939 for an ejector mechanism for side by sides, Austrian no. 11742 for a side by side lock up and button triggers and Austrian no. 11839 for a side by side with button triggers.

At some point around the end of or during World War I Ferdinand left Weipert and moved to Troppau (Opava) where he presumably made about 30 guns a year. How many he actually made is suspect since some seen were made by Funk and Greifelt in Suhl, Germany and retailed by Ferdinand with his name added. 

   Below are copies of his patents.