This little (6″ x 9″) book was found in the estate of Dietrich Apel who founded the German Gun Collectors Association in 1998 and later started this web site. His Grand Father Franz Jäger was one of 15 firms that paid for a advertisement in the back of the book thereby entitling him to a free copy. Upon Franz Jägers death many of his papers and books went to his son and Dietrich’s uncle Kurt Jäger who was also a gunmaker. In 2000 after the GGCA tour Dietrich went to visit his aged uncle Kurt who at that time passed on these items to Dietrich. I think that it is only fitting that these be made available to the public through Dietrich’s web site. 

     The first half of the book covers the subjects of materials, refining, working those materials and machine shop practice. Starting on page 103 the second half of the book deals with ammunition, a brief history of firearms development and firearms design and engineering.