The following article by George Shumway appeared in the Dec. 1983 publication The Blackpowder Report. Efforts to contact the Blackpowder Report or it’s Editor John D. Baird for permission to use it were fruitless. Mr. George Shumway passed away in 2011. 

The following images of a Flintlock Jäger Rifle by Christoph Michael Hefler ? was found in Dietrich’s collection of Email Attachments and they are from an unknown source. Nothing is known about this maker.

Following are images of a Flintlock Jaeger rifle which was sold recently by the Amoskeag Auction Co. on March 28, 2021 as Lot no. 318. It is .60 caliber with a 26 1/2 inch swamped barrel, and the lock appears to be marked “Dideriman in Mengeringhausen”. Nothing could be found about the maker.