Very little is known about Henry Vogt. The Chicago City Directories for 1928 and 1930 list him as a Gunsmith and selling Sporting Goods, having a business location in the Girard Building at 416 S. Dearborn St. A small entry in the Feb. 11, 1954 issue of the Chicago Daily Herold states-“An interesting display of Sporting Goods will be exhibited, Henry Vogt, Gunsmith, will be on hand to demonstrate the different types and to answer questions.” Perhaps he had a connection with Von Lengerke & Detmold and bought his German guns through them. At any rate the following images were found in Dietrich’s Email Attachment collection and they are from an unknown source. They show a very high grade 20 gauge side by side that was proofed in Suhl, Germany in July of 1933.