The Ernst Thälmann Fahrzeug und Jagdwaffenwerk, Suhl included the Fortuna-Werke, Suhl which before the War was a trade name used by the firm J. P. Sauer. The following images of a Fortuna Drilling is courtesy of-


Several years ago when my friend and customer Paul Morgan passed away his son Pat brought over a bin full of gun literature that Paul had collected to add to my archives. The following Suhler Jagdwaffen Catalog for Doppelflinten (side by side shotguns) was part of that collection. I believe it dates to the mid 1980’s. Enjoy!

In the Winter 2014 and Spring 2015 issues of The Double gun Journal Mr. J. E. Fender gave a great explanation of the history of Merkel (The Merkel Story). Part of that story includes the years after World War II and before the re unification of Germany and the history of the VEB Ernst Thälmann firm. To read Parts 1 & 2 of that article Click here.