By Larry B. Schuknecht

The Leue & Timpe advertisement from the May 1870 edition of Beiblatt zum Kladderadatch

   Heinrich Leue was born 1837 and learned the Gun Making trade in the shop of Heinrich Barella in Berlin who’s second wife- Luise was a Leue from Paderborn. Some sources state that Heinrich Barella was Heinrich Leue’s Uncle but I believe that it is more likely that Luise Barella was his Aunt and that Heinrich Barella was an Uncle by Marriage.

An advertisement from the Oct. 28, 1863 edition of the Landwirthschtliches Anzeigeblatt printed in Berlin.

   On August 8, 1863 Johann Friedrich Timpe established the firm which shortly became H. Leue & Timpe in Berlin at Friedrichstrasse 79. By 1873 they had moved to Linden Strasse 43 below the Hotels De Rome and Arnim’s. 

The entry for the official recognition of the new firm of J. F. Timpe in Berlin on Aug. 8, 1863 from the Handels-Register u. Anzeige-Blatt zum Central-Organ ,Zweiter Band, 1863- Nr. 35
This listing from the 1873 Amtlicher Katalog der Ausstellung des Deutschen Reiches confirms that H. Leue & Timpe established their business in Berlin in 1863.

Heinrich had the title- Koenealicher Hofbuechsenmacher or “Gunmaker to the Royal Court” in Berlin.

On April 15, 2018 the Rock Island Auction Co. sold a 4 gun Garniture of highly engraved Pin Fire Rifles and Shotguns made by and marked “H. Leue & Timpe, Hofbüchsenmacher- Berlin” that had belonged to Kaiser Wilhelm I of Prussia. They were gun no. 680- a 16 ga. double rifle, no.807- another 16 ga. double rifle, no. 679 – a 16 ga. shotgun and no. 832= a 16 ga. shotgun. Following are images of that set of guns- courtesy of RIA.

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The Advertisement for H. Leue and Timpe from the 1873 Handbook of Industry.
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An advertisement from the 1873 edition of the Beiblatt zum Kladderadatsch

  Some sources state that Heinrich started his business in 1876. I believe that this is probably the date that he and Johann Timpe seperated. Around 1880 he became associated with the renowned English gun maker W.W. Greener. He was a representative for Greener in Germany and the firm was known as Greener & Leue.

An advertisement from an early 1890’s edition of the Deutsche Jäger Zeitung

   August Leue (relationship to Heinrich unknown) was issued a Patent DRP8519 of 1880 for an action bolting system that cradled the action to add strength and included a recoil absorbing device at the end of the butt stock.

Heinrich Leue was issued two patents, they are-

DRP 17381 of 1882 for a hammerless hunting and live pidgeon gun with a unique firing mechanism that was mounted on the bottom or trigger plate

DRP99218 of 1897 for a single thrigger mechanism.

An advertisement for W.W. Greener & Leue from the Oct. 1, 1907 edition of Schuss und Waffe

   At some unknown time  after 1908 and prior to 1912 the firm became Waffenfabrik Leue & Co. Berlin and was located at Gutenbergsttraße 3, Charlottenburg. The firm was still in business as late as 1920 and possibly later. On April 1, 1920 Waffenfabrik Leue & Co. was issued DRP no. 319743 for a Zielübungsvorrichtung. On October 5, 1925 Heinrich Leue in Charlottenburg (obviously a descendent of the founder) was issued DRP no. 419422 for Vorrichtung zur Ermittelung der Schaftmaße für Handfuerwaffen. On Jan. 25, 1926 he was again issued a patent DRP no. 424524 for a Verfahren zur Beurteilung der Leistung von Schrotflinten auf Bewegliche Ziele.

Patent no. DRP 8519 issued to August Leue on Jan. 7, 1880
Another view of DRP 8519
The recoil absorbing feature of DRP 8519

Below is an article from the 1881 Der Waffenschmied which detailed the developments covered by the following patent no. 17381.

DRP 17381 issued on March 9, 1882 to Heinrich Leue 
The single Trigger patent DRP 99218 issued to H. Leue on Sept. 14, 1898.

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