Our Thanks to these Contributors:

Joh. Springer’s Erben  in Vienna, Austria for allowing us to scan text and images from their past Auction Catalogs in my library. For more information on their Auctions, services they offer and products they sell go to

Double Gun Journal  for allowing us to scan and show certain articles about German Guns and their makers.

Axel Eichendorff  in Germany for excellent information about German guns and their makers given over many years,

 Mike Ford for answering inquiries,

Fredrik Franzen in Sweden for very good information and for letting us show his excellent photos and articles in The Double Gun Journal, Click here to read more about Fredrik.

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Fritze for the information found in his German books about Suhl and its Gun Makers and Engravers as well as for the inquiries he answers,

Steve Meyer for his help with computer problems and for registering the web-site name and service provider,

Axel Pantermühl in Germany for excellent information about Suhl and its Gun Makers,    

 Michael Petrov and Precision Shooting Magazine for allowing us to use the article about Paul Jaeger,

Larry Schuknecht for sharing the information he has collected over the years,

Mark Baumgarten for Sharing his information and photos of Brenneke Guns,

Raimey S, Ellenberg for sharing his knowledge and information about German gun makers,

Updated 3/27/2014