Carl or Karl Paubel took over the J. Funk & Co. firm in Suhl sometime between 1873 and 1882. The J. Funk and Co. firm was founded in 1854 by J. Funk and Robert Schmidt. In 1873 they had 80 employees and exported to Russia, England & America. 

Carl Paubel was located at Pfarrstraße 3. Following is a price list from Axel Pantermühl’s vast archive and three pictures of a 10ga. set of barrels and receiver, the remnants of a once fine hammer gun. The address on the barrel (Porussia) is not a miss-spelling. Porussia was an area relatively close to the Russian border and references to it go back to the 16th Century and up to the late 19th Century. 

Below are images found in Dietrich’s Email Attachment collection from an unknown source. They show a rather common hammer drilling sold by Carl Paubel

Below are images of a Barrel & Receiver of a heavy 10 ga. side by side marked C. Paubel- Porussia. From my collection.