The German Gun Collectors Association has a Greifelt & Co. catalog reprint available for purchase. Click here to go to thier site and to view what they have to offer. Click Here to view a different Greifelt & Co. 56 page catalog that is on this web site. Also click Here to view other Greifelt catalogs and a MEWA catalog which featured Post World war II Greifelt guns.

An Advertisement from the 1891 Deutsche Jäger Zeitung announcing the Greifelt Drilling with the automatic folding rib sight based on Paul Collath’s Patent no. 52849 which became a universal feature of many Drillings. Below is a copy of that Patent.

Below- we have close ups of the guns previously mentioned in Dietrich’s article.

Below is a close up of a Greifelt side by side, source- Dietrich’s files

The following two images were found in dietrich’s archives and were from Mr. Al Rickli. They are of an over-under double rifle rifle in 30-06 with ejectors and side locks with deeply chiseled game scene engraving. It has a Zeiss 4 power scope in claw mounts and was cased. Mr.Rickli noted that this gun (or one exactly the same) was pictured on the inner cover of a pre war Greifelt Catalog as distributed by Waffen Glaser of Zurich, Switzerland.

Below is a gallery of photo’s of a mint unfired single shot falling block Greifelt rifle in 8.15 x 46.