As a referance tool Gun Makers catalogs are valuable and informative. The following catalogs have been generously scanned and sent by several fellow collectors, among them Fredrik Franzin and Axel Pantermühl. I thank each and every collector who takes his or her time to add to this data base.

Click on the names below to view their catalog.

Burkard Behr

Hugo Eckoldt

Franz Jäger & Co. 1908

Franz Jäger & Co. 1912/13

Franz Jäger & Co. no. 35

Paul Jaeger

F. W. Kessler

Max Kober

Suhler Jagdwaffen

Bernhard Merkel

The German Gun Collectors Association has 25 differant gun catalogs availible for purchase. Click Here to visit their site and view what they have to offer.