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Die Machine Gewehrfabrikation by Ing. Albert Sell

Jagdwaffenkunde- Georg Koch-1899

Leitfaden der Waffenlehre 1917

Noske telescope Mountings

Technologie und Gewehrkunde 1923

100 Jahr Wolf Jagdwaffen 1908-1998- A.W.Wolf Suhl


As a referance tool Gun Makers catalogs are valuable and informative. The following catalogs have been generously scanned and sent by several fellow collectors, among them Fredrik Franzin and Axel Pantermühl. Also many came from the estate and archives of Dietrich Apel who founded the German Gun Collectors Association in 1998 and later started this web site. Dietrich inherited many of his old books and catalogs from his Grand Father Franz Jäger through his uncle-Kurt Jäger. I thank each and every collector who takes his or her time to add to this data base.

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J.G.Anschutz 1937 Catalog nr. 32  & Net Price List

1937 BSW (Berlin-Suhler Waffen) Catalog & Price List

Burkard Behr

Hugo Eckoldt

Greifelt & Co. circa 1915-1925

Greifelt & Co. circa 1925-1935

Greifelt & Co. circa 1940-1942 Greif Bock Gewehre

Greifelt & Co. circa 1940-1942 Greif Drilling

Greifelt & Co. circa 1940-1942 Kipplauf, Bolt Acton & Single Shot rifles

Hartmann & Weiss

Friedr. Wilh. Heym-Pre War

Franz Jäger Catalog no. 1

Franz Jäger Single Trigger

Franz Jäger Catalog no. 5

Franz Jäger & Co. 1908

Franz Jäger & Co. 1912/13

Franz Jäger & Co. no. 35

Franz Jäger Heroldbüchse & Repetierbüchse

Paul Jaeger

Ernst Kerner & Co. circa 1930

F. W. Kessler

Franz Kettner

Max Kober

Albin Koch

Lancaster Arms Co., Infallible Single trigger

Lignose 1927

Suhler Jagdwaffen

1937 Mauser Catalog

Imman. Meffert-Suhl “Hubertus” Leichtmetallgewehre “Dural” 1938?

Bernhard Merkel, Gewehr-Fabrik, Suhl Catalog

Bernhard Merkel-“Bemesu”-1931

Geb. Merkel in French circa 1926?

Oskar Merkel (Merco)- Suhl

1982 Merkel over and under guns


Heinrich Moritz

G. A. Nothnagel

Geb. Rempt 1927

Simson-Suhl (date unknown)

Franz Sodia pre 1989

Friedrich Stendebach

Albert Stobbe-Suhl

E. A. Theate & Co.- Liege, Belgium / imported to Germany by August Ahrendts Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.-Hamburg-Grossflottbek

vom Hofe, Ernst-August- Berlin

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