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Die Machine Gewehrfabrikation by Ing. Albert Sell

Noske telescope Mountings


As a referance tool Gun Makers catalogs are valuable and informative. The following catalogs have been generously scanned and sent by several fellow collectors, among them Fredrik Franzin and Axel Pantermühl. I thank each and every collector who takes his or her time to add to this data base.

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1937 BSW (Berlin-Suhler Waffen) Catalog & Price List

Burkard Behr

Hugo Eckoldt

Franz Jäger Catalog no. 1

Franz Jäger Single Trigger

Franz Jäger Catalog no. 5

Franz Jäger & Co. 1908

Franz Jäger & Co. 1912/13

Franz Jäger & Co. no. 35

Franz Jäger Heroldbüchse & Repetierbüchse

Paul Jaeger

Ernst Kerner & Co. circa 1930

F. W. Kessler

Franz Kettner

Max Kober

Albin Koch

Lignose 1927

Suhler Jagdwaffen

Bernhard Merkel

Heinrich Moritz

G. A. Nothnagel

Geb. Rempt 1927

Simson-Suhl (date unknown)

Friedrich Stendebach

vom Hofe, Ernst-August- Berlin

The German Gun Collectors Association has 25 differant gun catalogs availible for purchase. Click Here to visit their site and view what they have to offer.