Heinrich Barella was born in Soest, North Rhine- Westpahalia on Jan. 3, 1819. His grandfather had emigrated in 1760 from Milan, Italy where the family was well to do. He (the grandfather) married a woman from the Simon family of Paderborn to the west of Soest. In his late teens Heinrich entered the Royal Foundry in Magdeburg, Saxony where he served a four year apprenticeship. In 1844 he founded his first gunshop in Magdeburg “H. Barella, Königl. Hofbüchsenmacher”. 

An Ad for H. Barella from the August 19, 1858 edition of the Magdeburgische Zeitung

About 1860 Heinrich was recognized by the Royal Prussian court for his high quality products and opened a second shop in Berlin on Laubenstrasse 9. 

An article about H. Barella from the Oct. 7, 1865 edition of the Illustrirte Zeitung

The following preview article appeared in the Summer 2003 issue (Vol. 8, Iss. 3) of the Double Gun Journal and is courtesy of Fredrik Franzén and Daniel and Joanna Côté. A back issue with the full article is available from the Double Gun Journal.