According to Richard Mahrholdt’s 1952 edition of  WaffenLexicon für Jäger und Schützen Bruno Weiss (Weiß) was the proprieter of a Waffenfabrik in Goldlauter near Suhl. 

Heer Der Neue Støckel list the following in Suhl:

J. H. Weiss (Weis) circa 1720-1740 (Thanks to the help of Mr. Gary Prentice we now know that Johann Heinrich Weiss was born on March 17, 1682 and died in Dec. 1743 at the age of 61. He was the son of Severus Weiss and is buried in the Evangelischer Friedhof Zella St, Blasii) 

Johann George Weiss (Weis) circa 1760-1780.

Stefan Weiss (Weis) Vienna, Austria 1762-1829, from Suhl, Meister there in 1808.  

 The relationship if any between Bruno and Fritz and the Weiss’ listed above is unknown at this time. 


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Mr. Gary Prentice from Belfast, Northern Ireland sent us pictures of a J. H. Weiss (1688-1743) 16 bore round ball smoothbore long gun. He state that it supposedly came from the Gewehrkammer at Schloss Ettersberg in Saxony and was initially owned by Ernst August, the Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimer (1688-1748), a contemporary of Johann Heinrich Weiss.

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