By Larry B. Schuknecht

 The firm of Miller & Val. Greiss has it’s origins in a firm known as “Baader & Sohn”. Started by Frans Xaver Baader (1801-1864) around 1830.

an Ad from the 1861 Neuste Nachrihten Aus Dem Gebiete Der Politic

At some point (perhaps at the time of Frans Baaders death) Johann Miller apparently took over the operation of the firm while keeping the Baader business name. 

An Ad from an Aug. 1870 paper showing Miller associated with the Baader firm

     At some point around 1870-1872 Valentin Greiss (April 24, 1835- Dec. 12, 1890) became involved with Johann Miller in the Baader business and on June 10, 1872 it was officially announced that the firm would henceforth be known as “Miller and Val. Greiss”. 

The official announcement of the name change of the business fron “Baader & Sohn” to “Miller & Val Greiss” from the Oct. 1872 issue of the “Bayerische Handelzetung”

   On Jan. 1, 1876 Valentin Greiss lost his 32 year old wife Franziska to an unknown illness from which she had suffered for 18 months, four weeks of which she had been painfully bed ridden.

   Contrary to what has been written in other sources no Patents (DRP) could be found for either Johann Miller or Valentin Greiss. After Val. Greiss passed away in 1890 at the age of 55 the gun making business apparently was sharply curtailed. The Miller and Val Greiss firm always specialized in artistic high end and high quality firearms.

Following are four advertisements from the 1895 Der Deutsche Jäger periodical.

This image is courtesy of the German Gun Collectors Association and is from their 2014 Calender

On April 15, 2018 the Rock Island Auction Company sold an unusual side by side breech loading rifle made by Miller & Val Greiss. It is .45 caliber with 24 1/4″ barrels and is serial no. 38303. In the Auction description it is noted that the barrels and receiver are one piece. Supposedly consigned by the Great, Great Grandchild of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria. The following two images are courtesy of Rock Island Auction Co.

The following photo is courtesy of Mr. Helmut Sakschek, a Wisconsin collector and shooter.

The following images are courtesy of the Auction house-