Click on the above pdf file for the history of the Kuchenreuter in German.

Below is a Slider of a Jäger Rifle made by Johann Kuchenreuter (one of a set) that was sold by Herman Historica in their Oct. 27, 2016 Auction.

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Below is a Slider of a Smooth Bore Fowler which is a match to the above Jäger rifle (the other half of the set) and also sold by Hermann Historica.

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The following pictures of the Kuchenreuter shop in Cham, Bayern were taken during a visit in 2000. My good friends Hans Pfingsten and Dietrich Apel have since passed on.

This is a view of the building that houses the shop and store
My good friend Hans Pfingsten holding a Kipplauf Stutzen outside hammer rifle made by Kuchenreuter’s.
Hans Pfingsten and Christoph Kuchenreuter discussing an antique gun in the families store Museum.
My friend Dietrich Apel views a Rifling Machine from about 1800 with Martin Kuchenreuter giving background.
Hans and Martin discuss gun components


Hans and Christoph in front of the shop windows in deep discussion.  
This side by side percussion shotgun has 72 cm Damascus barrels, made around 1850 by Johann Adam Kuchenreuter (1794-1861) who was a royal Bavarian Cout Gunsmith and Court Gunsmith to the Princes of Thurn and Taxis.

The Following images are courtesy of the Amoskeag Auction Co. and the guns were sold in the Auction no. 129 which took place on March 27 & 28, 2021.

The first gun is a side by side with two barrel set made by J. Adam Kuchenreuter-Regensberg and was lot no. 75. The first set of  rifle barrels are .54 caliber and 26 inches long. The second set of barrels are 16 ga. and have straight rifling.

The next is a Percussion Over-Under made by I. Christoph Kuchenreuter-Regensberg and is a .52 caliber rifle over a .58 caliber smoothbore. It was Lot no. 90.

The last gun is a 20 ga. side by side Flintlock with 31 1/2 inch barrels. It is marked JA Kuchenreuter-A. Regensburg. It was made by Johan Anton Kuchenreuter the younger from about 1758 to 1800.