Very little is known about Hermann  Greve or the guns he made. Located in Neubrandenburg he advertised his business as a Gewehrfabrik but he did not limit his business solely to gun making. As early as 1879 he began advertising for Bee keeping equipment, especially press plates for making the wax honeycombs. In the May 1886 paper the Leipziger Bienen Zeitung ( a paper dedicated to Bee Keeping) he advertised the following- Iron Honeycomb Rolling Mills, American original  under warranty, as well as pressplatten offered cheapest, wax patterns for free, orders solicited as soon as possible. His advertisements in the Bee Keeping publicatuions seem to end about 1895.




The advertisement from the 1886 Leipziger Bienen Zeitung.

In the periodical Bienen-Vater of May 1880 the following advertisement appeared.

An advertisement from the Sept. 24, 1893 paper Deutsches Waffen Zeitung