As seen in the Ad on the right the firm of E. Schmidt & Habermann was operated by Franz & Paul Stadelmann in Suhl. The firm was founded in 1860 but not by the Stadelmann’s. The date that they aquired the firm is unknown to me at this time. 

The German Gun Collectors Association has a 32 page reprint of the E. Schmidt & Habermann catalog available for purchase. Click here to go to thier site and to view thier offerings.

The following images show a Waldlaufer Drilling made by E. Schmidt & Habermann and sold by Robert Hübner of Darmstadt. These images were found in Dietrich’s Email Attachment Archive and the source is unknown. 

The following two images were found in Dietrich’s archives and were from Mr. Al Rickli. They show a Schmidt & Habermann side lock Drilling in 16 ga. x 16 ga. x 9.3/72R. It is serial no. 846 and was proofed in March 1928.

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