Axel Pantermühl in Germany has shared the two Bernhard Merkel Catalogs that follow from his extensive archives.

A complete 23 page Bernhard Merkel “Bemesu” 1931 catalog is availible by clicking Here.

A complete 36 page catalog for Bernhard Merkel is availible for viewing by clicking Here.

Before we view a few pictures of the Clam Shell (Mussellverschluss) double barrel rifles made by B. Merkel we have two pages of the B. Merkel Catalog kindly sent to me by Mark Baumgarten which detail them. LBS.

The following four images are of a double barrel rifle by Bernhard Merkel.

Below is a full length image of a B. Merkel clamshell double rifle.

The following two images are of a Bernhard Merkel double rifle drilling.

The following article and images detail the history of the Bernhard Merkel firm and the demolition of the B. Merkel home and shop where about 12 craftsmen worked producing their fine guns. 

Axel Pantermühl has a small collection of printing blocks used to make some of the Catalogs we love to see. The following images show one of the Bernhard Merkel pages with the copper plate on top of it. The wood backing block had been burned off but the copper plate remains.

The above image is courtesy of the German Gun Collectors association and is from their 2014 Calender