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An 1893 Advertisement from the “Deutsche Jäger-Zeitung”



This exhibition grade double shotgun was designed and executed by the famous engraver Hugo Kolb in Suhl. The image appeared in the 1887 “Jourrnal of the Bavarian Association for Applied Arts, Munich“.

Following are images of an interesting Imman. Meffert Pirschstutzen. It’s notable features are a cleaning rod mounted under the barrel like a muzzle loading ram rod, an antler for end cap, Mannlicher-Schoenaur style scope blocks, a flip up tang aperature sight besides a fixed rear barrel sight, and a butter knife bolt handle. 

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Meffert Nr113-T

Meffert Nr56-PG

The following images were supplied by the Harlock family of Western New York State. They are of a shotgun made by Imman. Meffert and sold by Nowotny in Prague.