A visit to Hendrik Fruehauf’s Studio

    By Larry B. Schuknecht

  While on the GGCA tour of Germany in 2008 my friend Dr. Peter-Josef Schmidt took Steve Fjestad and I to visit his good friend Hendrik Fruehauf. Following is a photo gallery of that visit to Hendrik and his Studio.

from the left is Steve Fjestad, Hendrik and Peter-Joseph Schmidt. If you wonder what steve is looking at, you can just see Hendrik’s puppy laying on his bed under the work bench.
Steve finally coaxed the puppy out of his bed for a photo.
Hendrik holds his Masterpiece Drilling while Peter-Josef holds the puppy.
A full side lock action in the engravers vise.
A view of Hendrik’s main bench, everything in it’s place and a place for everything.
Another view of the same bench. A very pleasing work environment.
Steve watches the Song birds in another corner of the studio.
Another engraver’s vise holding a project.
Another view of the same vise and project
Making friends and discussing guns.
A drawer of gun parts for referance in Hendrik’s collection.
Hendrik’s Masterpiece done when he completed his Apprenticeship.
Hendrik’s J. P. Sauer factory photo of the Masterpiece Action that was donated to the Suhl waffen Museum in 2008.

Fruehauf Nr57-PG

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Following is a slider of samples of Hendrik’s fabulous work, courtesy of Hendrik.

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