Wilhwelm Brenneke was an avid hunter. This image of him with a Keilor he took is courtesy of the Italian magazine Ars Venandi– The magazine of Sardinian Hunters

The German Gun Collectors Association has an 8 page reprint of the 1930’s Brenneke Export Catalog available for purchase. Click here to go to their site and view the Catalogs they offer





The enlarged image from the above history of the Brenneke firm.

Click on the following link to view a 1910 Letter from Brenneke on his illustrated letterhead RGThammenhain


The following images are courtesy of my friend Fredrik Franzen

The following article by Harald Wolf appeared in the now defunkt Hatari Times No. 6. The date of that periodical is unknown. I understand that Mr. Wolf has since passed away.



Brenneke’s 1935 Slug and the Turbine base Slug.

The following appeared in the 1939 (n. 31) edition of A. F. Stoeger’s catalog.

The following images are courtesy-