ANSORG Gunmakers  

ANSORG  –  Gunmakers in Zella-Mehlis, Germany


Many Ansorgs lived in Zella-Mehlis and quite a few were gunmakers. The follwing list comes from the Gunmakers Directory by Tom Rowe”


Ansorg, Albert son of Veit – A gunmaker located at Gabelsbergerstr. 31, Zella-Mehlis, 1929-36.

Ansorg, August – two Master gunmakers of the same name were active in Mehlis around 1888.

Ansorg, August – a barrel maker at Eisenberg 37 in Zella-Mehlis around 1929.

Ansorg, August Heinrich – a master barrel maker at Sandiger Weg 12 from around 1912 to 1929.

Ansorg, C.K. – Gunmaker at Zella-Mehlis around 1923.

Ansorg, Christoph – a Master gunmaker at Mehlis in 1888.

Ansorg, Edmund – a gunmaker at Marzenberg 34 in Zella-Mehlis in 1929.

Ansorg, Ernst – Gunmaker at Ruppbergstr. 3 in Zella-Mehlis in 1912.

Ansorg, Gustav – Two Master gunmakers with the same name at Mehlis in 1888.

Ansorg, Heinrich – Gunmaker on Marzenbergerstr. in Zella-St,Blasii around 1912.

Ansorg, Hermann (29 July 1889 to 5 June 1965)– Gunmaker and gunstock-wood dealer

at Reinssmannstr. 29 in Zella-Mehlis around 1925. In 1929 his address was

Sandiger Weg 5 but from 1936 to 1943 he was back at Reissmannstr. 29.

Ansorg, Hugo – Gunmaker at Erlenstr. 12 in Zella-Mehlis in 1929.

Ansorg, H. August & Co. – Gunmakers at Wiesenstr. 44 in  Mehlis around 1912.

Ansorg, Julius – Gunmaker of Mehlis around 1926.

Ansorg, Otto – Gunmaker at Braugasse 5 in Zella-Mehlis in 1929, at Buddeusstr.28 in 1936.

Ansorg, Paul – Gunmaker at Muhlstr. 19 in Zella-Mehlis in 1929.

Ansorg, Walter – Gunmaker at Talstr. 6 in Zella-Mehlis in 1929.”

The following images of another J. Ansorg of Wurzburg side by side shotgun were found in Dietrich’s Email Attachment Archives. The source is unknown.


Following are images of another shotgun sold by J. Ansorg- Würzburg and made by W. Foerster in Berlin