Abesser & Merkel

  Mr. Peter Neij of Sweden has been kind enough to pass along to us the following item from the Handelsregiter Abteilung concerning the firm of Abesser & Merkel. It states that the firm was registered on Dec. 31, 1919 to begin on Jan. 1, 1920 and the founders were Paul Abesser & Ernst Merkel. 

Thank You Peter !

Recently Peter also sent the following Directory entries for Abesser & Merkel from 1928 & 1941. The Company was taken over or operated by Mr. Herman Rasch by 1941 and his address was Bahnhofstrße 55, Zella-Mehlis.

1.page 90

2.page 91




6.Catalog 1

7.Catalog 2-

8.catalog 3

8.catalog 3

9.catalog 4

10.catalog 5

11.catalog 6


Dietrich received the following images of a 12 ga. Abesser & Merkel side by side shotgun as email attachments from a now unknown source.




More images of another Abesser & Merkel from an unknown source

The following six images were found in Dietrich’s archives and were from Mr. Al Rickli. The first two show a Abesser & Merkel Drilling serial no. 21888 in 20 ga. x 20 ga. x 25-35 winchester with 26 inch barrels and automatic ejectors.

The next four images feature a two gun set, the first two show a 12 ga. over-under with two barrels, 28 and 30 inches with ventilated ribs, automatic ejectors, serial no. 22043 proofed in 1928. The guns were Imported by Sloan’s Sporting Goods of New York, N.Y. The last two picture shows an over-under rifle in .30-06 with 24 1/2 inch barrels. These were cased together as a set.