The following references form the basis of this web page-

Dictionary of Guns and Gunmakers by John Walter

Directory of Makers & Tradesmen compiled by Jesse Thompson from Vol.2 of Alt Scheibenwaffen.

Der Neue Støkel by Eugène Heer

Also I would like to thank Axel Pantermuhl for information he supplied.

Adam Schlegelmilch, Suhl- Arms factory at Herrenstrasse 47 circa 1895/1896.

August Schlegelmilch, Spandau- was granted German Patent no. 29266 on March 5, 1884 for a block action for breech loading guns. It is not known if there was any production of this design. August died at Hirschbach near Suhl in 1941.

A. Emil Schlegelmilch, Suhl- Diana Haus, a gunmaker in Suhl in 1919.

Bernhard Schlegelmilch, Zella St. Blasii- Gun barrel maker at G. Bahnhofstrasse 10 in 1912.

Casper Schlegelmilch (A) worked in Suhl, circa 1846

Casper Schlegelmilch (B) Trading in Suhl in 1914-20 as a specialist gun barrel maker, under the ownership of Enst Wilhelm Schlegelmilch

Ernst is no. 1, Albert Stobbe is no. 2, taken in 1905.

Ernst Schlegelmilch-born in 1865, he took over the management of the Thieme & Schlegelmilch company in 1886 after the death of his father and brother. He was also a co-founder of the company-Röhmerwerk. Ernst died in 1933. He was granted the German Patent no. 39832 on Nov. 6, 1886 and U. S. Patent no. 356,378 on Jan. 18, 1887 for a hammerless action.

Franz Schlegelmilch, Suhl, a barrel blank maker listed in the 1939 Deutshes Reichs Adressbuch

Friedrich Wilhelm Schlegelmilch, Suhl, circa 1846, associated with Adolph Thieme as Thieme & Schlegelmilch.

H. Schlegelmilch, Zella-Mehlis, listed in 1939 as a master gunsmith

Hans Jakob Schlegelmilch, Pressburg (Bratslavia)/CS & Vienna, Austria. He came from Suhl to Pressburg and became a Master Craftsman there. In 1670 he buys himself into the Vienna Guild as a Master Craftsmam.

Heinrich E. Schlegelmilch, Suhl-circa 1898 on Aug. 16, 1898 he was issued US Patent no. 609,169.

Hermann Schlegelmilch (A), Zella St. Blasii- Gun barrel maker at Meiningerstrasse 47 in 1912. By 1935 was at Haupstrasse 47 and in 1936 they were listed as a gun barrel factory at Adolf-Hitler-Strasse 78 in Zella Mehlis. The firm also had an adress in Suhl, but it is not known if they had any production capacity there.

Hermann Schlegelmilch (B), Suhl, registered as a gun stocker shortly before 1939

Herman Schlegelmilch (C), born in Suhl in 1830 and learned the Gunmakers trade there, emigrated to the United States in 1853, 1853-1855 in New York, Bethlehem,Pa. and Chicago, Ill. 1855-1860 in Beaver Dam where he started his own business and met Augusta Krueger whom he married. They were in Ceder Rapids, Iowa for a short time before moving to Eau Claire in oct. 1860 where he built a Gun Shop and Hardware Store at 217 South Barstow.

H. & K. Schlegelmilch, Suhl, listed in 1939 as a gunmaker

I.P. Schlegelmilch, St. Petersburg (Leningrad)- circa 1760-1775, crafted hunting weapons with hidden mechanisms. Probably from Suhl.

Louis Schlegelmilch, Spandau- a gunmaker associated with the German Reichsgewehr, and also with a primitive semi-automatic pistol. Granted German Patent no. 76257 of Oct. 1, 1893 for unique Bolt Action Rifle. Below is a slider of the story about the Schlegelmilch Bolt Action from the DWJ.

Click HERE to read Dietrich Apel’s story about the unique Schlegelmilch Spandau rifles.

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Reinhard Schlegelmilch, Suhl, this gun stocker was listed in the 1939 directories but had ceased operations by 1945Robert Schlegelmilch, Meiningen an der Ower. Listed in pre-1914 directories as a maker of sporting guns.

Thomas Gottlieb Schlegelmilch, Suhl, circa 1846