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Sauer Time Line39Love affair with Sauer 1

The following period article in German was kindly sent to us by Axel Pantermuhl in Germany.

Love affair with Sauer 2Love affair with Sauer 3Sauer for Kaiser 1Sauer for Kaiser 2Sauer for Herzog Ernst 1Sauer for Herzog Ernst 2Sauer for Herzog Ernst 3Sauer for Herzog Ernst 4



Sauer for Krupp

Mr. Sauer's Drilling 1Mr. Sauer's Drilling 2



The following are three views of the Sauer Villa in Suhl

Engraved action 1-bEngraved action 2Engraved action 3Engraved action 4Engraved action 5Recognition 6

Luftwaffe 1Luftwaffe 2Luftwaffe 3Luftwaffe 4Luftwaffe Drilling 5Sauer Eckernfoerde 1Sauer Eckernfoerde 2Sauer Eckernfoerde 3Nr.107 Sauer 202 take-dowlNr.106 Sauer 300 Safety DrillingSauer book review