An advertisement for Die Gewehrfabrik Gebrüder Rempt that appeared in the August 1, 1874 edition of the Illustririe Zeitung.

Nr.19-1 RemptNr.19-2 RemptNr.19-3 RemptNr.19-4 Rempt 4Nr.20-1 Rempt O&UNr.20-2 Rempt O&U

The following four images were found in Dietrich’s archive and were from Mr. Al Rickli. I believe this is not the same gun pictured above. This gun had two barrels, both 12 ga. , one 28 inch and the other 30 inches. It was proofed in 1928.

Nr.21 REMO Bolt Action RifleNr.22-1 Needle Fire gub

Nr.22-3 Needle Fire Gunimg013