1.Lindner Poster

Lindner 1Lindner 2Lindner 4Lindner 5Lindner 6Lindner 7img984img985Lindner 10Lindner 11Lindner 12img987Lindner 14Lindner 15Lindner 16Lindner 17




The following images are of a 16 ga. Diamond Grade Charles Daly made by Lindner.

The following Auction listings are courtesy of the James D. Julia Auction Co.

4.Lindner5.Lindner Hammer gun 16.Lindner Hammer gun 26.Lindner Hammer gun 26a.Lindner Hammer Gun 37.Lindner Hammer Gun 48.Lindner13.Lindner 24Ga.15. Lindner16. Lindner17. Lindner19.Lindner21. Lindner23.Lindner Daly22. Lindner25. Lindner Daly32. Lindner