By Larry B. Schuknecht

Before we start looking at the list of von Nordheim gun makers I feel it is important to note that originally the cities of Zella St. Blasii and Mehlis were separate and each had their own city governments. On April 1, 1919 they were merged into one city which became known as Zella-Mehlis.

The following information comes from-

The Pape & Kellner Archive of Gun Makers

Vol. 2- Alte Scheibenwaffen by Thompson, Dillon, Hallock, Loos & Rowe

The list of Gun Makers by the name of von Nordheim is quite extensive and probably not complete. The following is what I have found to date.

Albert Theodor von Nordheim- Master Gun Maker at Forstgasse Str. 19, Zella St. Blasii, late 19th Century until about 1913

August von Noedheim- Gunsmith at Langeweise str. 5, Zella-Mehlis, circa 1924

Bernhard von Nordheim- Master Gun Smith in Zella St. Blasii circa 1900

Carl von Nordheim-Gunsmith at Eisenberg Str. 256 in Mehlis, 1897/1898

Edmund von Nordheim- a stock maker in Zella-Mehlis circa 1939

The Emil von Nordheim trade mark on a drilling with Emil von Nordheim- Zella Mehlis on the top rib.

Emil von Nordheim- A Master Gunsmith and Gun Maker in Mehlis, he was Born on Feb. 26, 1859 and died on April 19, 1938. Documented to have worked at several different locations, or perhaps there was more than one Emil working about the same time. The Emil that is the subject of this entry founded the business in 1879 at the age of 20. The address given by Pape & Kellner for 1897/1898 was at Zellaer Str. 57. The address listed in Alt Schiebenwaffen for 1906 is Bergstrasse 1 and at Kaffenberg 1 about 1938.

Cover from the 1914 Catalog, courtesy of Mr. Robert Simpson
Catalog cover from 1927/1928, courtesy of Mr. Robert Simpson

The listing in Alt Schiebenwaffen also lists a 1922 Catalog so it seems that Emil issued a new Catalog almost yearly or semi yearly.

The Advertisement that Emil used from about 1900 to World War I

Below are images of a Emil von Nordheim Schuetzen rifle which were found in Dietrich Apel’s archive.

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Below are images of two Emil von Nordheim Drillings sold recently.

Ernst von Nordheim- a Gunsmith at Thalstrasse 29 in Zell-Mehlis circa 1924

Gotthilf von Nordheim- Gunmaker at Poststrasse 4, Mehlis around 1912 and at Hirtengasse strasse 4 from around World war I until at least 1939. He operated a Gun and Bicycle factory manufacturing Target Weapons, Pistols, Revolvers as early as 1903. He advertised High Grade hunting guns and Luxus guns.

An advertisement for Gotthilf von Nordheim which appeared in the 1924 Waffenschmied
The Trademark of Gotthilf von Nordheim

Gottlieb von Nordheim- Gunmaker in Mehlis from around 1916 until World War II.

Hermann von Nordheim- Located at Schießstand 17 in Zella-Mehlis around 1913, he was a Gun Maker.

Louis von Nordheim- (B. Sept. 24, 1852-D. May 23, 1936) A Master Gun Maker in Zella St. Blasii around 1886 with a shop address of Bockershugel Str. 4 around 1912-1929. In 1913 his address is recorded as Forstgasse Str. 4. His output is believed to have been mostly hunting and sporting guns.

Max von Nordheim- He had a shop at Bierbach Strasse 14 in Zella-Mehlis in 1913

Paul von Nordheim- His shop was located at Langewiese Stra. 18 in 1924 and was a Master Gunsmith

Richard von Nordheim-located at Blechhammer Str. 1 in Zella-Mehlis, he was a Stock Maker

Robert von Nordheim- A master Gun Maker in Zella St. blasii around 1900.

Veit Bernhardt von Nordheim- A Master Gun Maker in Zella St. Blasii around 1900.

Willy von Nordheim- A Zella-Mehlis Gun Maker at Muhlstrasse 18 around 1929 and at Kassenberg Str. around 1936.