From the very beginning in 1877 the German Patent Office offered only the Deutsches Reichs Patents but starting in 1891 two distinctly different forms of protection was offered to inventors. Records were kept of the D. R. P.’s or Deutsches Reichs Patents which we have available for reference from the German web site The D. R. G. M.’s or Deutsches Reichs Gebrauches Muster records were not kept and to my knowledge the only material available on them are what can be found in the old gun makers periodicals of the time. Each issue of the old periodicals often carried lists of the D.R.P.’s and D.R.G.M.’s which were applied for and issued but these often only contained the number, inventor and title. An example is the D.R.G.M. no. 351857 issued to Hilmar Stötzer as seen below.

Sometimes a D. R. G.M. was considered important enough (or the inventor was willing to pay) to get additional exposure in the old periodicals with an article detailing the invention and drawings which illustrated the features.

This page starts out with a series of D.R.G.M.’s from 1892, the first of which covered a target pistol by Georg Scharfenberg of Mehlis. By 1898 the focus of the coverage changed to that of Drillings. As other articles about D.R.G.M.’s are found, they will be added. I will include all D.R.G.M.’s that are firearms related that are covered in depth. They appear in the order that they were published, not as they were issued.

The D.R.G.M.’s on this page are-

No number-George Sharfenberg-Mehlis-Precision Target Pistol

17461-Peter Oberhammer-Munich-Projectile

20792- George Scharfenberg-Mehlis-Lock up for Kipplauf pistol

20862-David König’s Sohne-Mehlis-Self cocking Hammerless Kipplauf gun

21542-Carl Fleischer-Mehlis-Tesching Revolver

22008-Fr. Wilh. Kessler-Suhl-Self Cocking Hammerless Drilling

47162-Robert Albrecht-Suhl-Hammerless Falling Block Action

32199-Theime & Schlegelmilch-Suhl-Drilling Barrel Assembly

24983-Robert Albrecht-Suhl-Self Cocking Gun

326160-J. G. Anschutz-Mehlis-Rifle Action Hammer

71381-Imm. Meffert-Suhl-Self Cocking Hammerless Drilling

90036-Ernst Kerner-Suhl-Drilling Hammer & Trigger Assembly

77479-Greifelt & Co.- Suhl-Drilling Action & Safety

89712-Gebr. Luck-Suhl-Drilling Action & Locks

91730-Fr. Wilh. Kessler-Suhl-Drilling Action & Locks

92919-Fr. Zschocke-Suhl-Self Cocking Action

93237-Gebr. Luck-Suhl-Hammerless Drilling Action

94880-Fr. Wilh. Kessler-Suhl–Hammerless Lock

91730-Gebr. Rempt-Suhl-drilling Action

93735-Robert Schrader-Suhl-Drilling Barrels

95217-Emil Eckold-Suhl-Drilling Action

97555- E. Munch-Frankfurt n. O.- Drilling Lock

32617- Heinrich Langenhan- Mehlis- Hammerless Action

36653- Max Hermdorff-Mehlis- Hammer activated Lock Up

36655- Robert Albrecht-Suhl- Automatic rear sight for Drillings

55643- Ernst König-Zella St. Bl.- Drilling

55210- Ignaz Dornach- Weiler, Bayern- Bullet Seater

48384- Feliz Arnd- Berlin- Drilling Lockup

45592- Franz Luck- Suhl- Self Cocking Drilling

56863- Greifelt & Co.- Suhl- Drilling Safety

56533- Oscar Will-Zella St. Blasii- Air Rifle

59714- Aug.Schuler- Suhl & Paul Reuss-Stuttgart- Drilling

58624 & 61259- Fr. Zschocke-Suhl- Safety for Self Cocking Double Barrel